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Don't Miss! Blowout Sale Items!


  • Small diameter pipe rehabilitation study on profitability
    January 24, 2022 Craig Underwood

    Small-Diameter Pipe Repair Means BIG Business!

    America’s aging infrastructure has collided with sophisticated technology to play an enormous role in the current gold-rush era of pipe restoration. With the awareness and demand for pipe repair at an all-time high, smart equipment has enabled quicker upstarts and prompted a younger workforce to go after a stake in this multi-billion dollar industry. Are these high-tech systems that are rumored to ooze profits reserved only for the big guys with the big pipes? 

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  • Vertical Stacks - Don't Miss This $3Billion Market!
    November 26, 2019 Taylor Wilson

    Vertical Stacks - Don't Miss This $3Billion Market!

    Is the trenchless pipe lining industry keeping a $3billion secret? Advancements in CIPP materials and methods continue to push boundaries once thought impossible, especially for small diameter pipe applications. Nowhere is that growth more evident than in continuous inversion pipe lining of vertical stacks.
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