BRAWO® Pico – UV LED Curing For Small Diameter Pipes



BRAWO® Pico – UV LED Curing For Small Diameter Pipes

Rehabilitation of small pipes from one access point!

This makes even simpler and smarter rehabilitation possible on the often difficult construction sites inside buildings. Together with the BRAWO® UVPox epoxy resin, the two form an unbeatable team for a quick, efficient and easy rehabilitation process.

BRAWO® Pico is the first system specifically for use in very small diameter waste water pipes. It ensures fast, reliable and, above all, smart light curing for small nominal diameters from DN 50. In order to make rehabilitation even easier, the experts from BRAWO® SYSTEMS developed the intelligent LED head on the system by adding a coupling for remote pneumatic unlocking. This makes monitored and controlled unlocking possible using a compressed air valve from an access point. The advantages of rehabilitation in a closed construction, without opening walls and ceilings as well as without chiseling work, are thus exploited to the maximum. Both the high installation safety and the usual high quality of BRAWO® Tech, the brand for high-quality rehabilitation equipment, is guaranteed.


Technical data for BRAWO® Pico:

Weight: approx. 25 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) [mm]: 440 x 425 x 595 mm
Connected load: 700 W
Max. range: 25m (entire length of the pipe)
Retraction speed: from 0.1 to 2.0 m/min
Head diameter: 24 mm
Curing is possible from DN 50-100 (87° bends, flexible)

Brawo UVPox expoxy resin for light curing with no shink and no stink in trenchless pipe repair


  • Intelligent LED head
  • Installation log and interface for mobile device (USB, WiFi)
  • Changeable hose package with LED head
  • Integrated operating hours control and temperature monitoring


  • Low power consumption combined with high light output
  • 20 high-power UV LEDs with extremely high efficiency
  • Save a complete operation, only one access point necessary


  • Very fast curing
  • Very good bend flexibility, 87° bends possible from DN 50
  • Easy to transport thanks to compact, lightweight modular design
  • Extremely small construction, especially suitable for in-house rehabilitation

Additional information

Weight 154.324 lbs