Repiper S Liner – 5mm For Trenchless Pipe Repair



Repiper S Liner – 5mm For Trenchless Pipe Repair – Choose Diameter

Non-transitional 5 mm liner. It can be shot with or without a calibration tube.

Repiper S Liner is easy to insert and steam without a calibration tube with either a backshooter or a glue end cap. When installed with the Repiper StepByStep method, it allows you to make great turns where the dimples from tie-ins are visible, but not overstretched to where reinstating is challenging. Stretch control is more consistent than a transitional liner but more versatile and easier to use than Scrim. The Repiper S Liner is the go-to for making sectional repairs with our packers.

Why choose Repiper Liner?

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Easily saturated

All our liners are easily saturated with epoxy resins.


High-quality material

Made from high-quality, durable felt with little to no risk of tearing.

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Innovative design

An innovative and flexible design accommodating straight pipes and bends.

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Repiper S Liner 4" 5mm #362229, Repiper S Liner 5", 5mm #349010, Repiper S Liner 6", 5mm #349011

Roll Length

50 Meters, 100 Meters