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BRAWO® UVPox Tinted Epoxy Resin 12kg (26.46lbs) (#47000831)

BRAWO® UVPox is the first pigmented light-curing epoxy resin on the market. Optimized to work with BRAWOLINER, Brawo Magnavity, Brawo Pico.

An almost endless processing time ensures high installation reliability and targeted control of rapid curing by light. Furthermore, BRAWO® UVPox is styrene-free and low-odor.

The resin has the following material properties

  • Positive fit in the old pipe with no penetration or infiltration of water behind
  • Very good mechanical characteristics
  • High installation reliability due to extremely long processing time
  • Optical check using colored resin
  • Targeted, fast curing
  • Styrene-free and low-odor
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Durability over 50 years
  • Curing with light curing systems (UV- or LED-light

Outstanding technical characteristics

BRAWO® UVPox is characterized by a high E-modulus, which significantly increases the stability of the cured liner after completion of the rehabilitation compared to conventional light-curing, styrene-free resin systems.

A short-term E-modulus greater than 3,000 N/mm² is safely achieved.

Brawo UVPox expoxy resin for light curing with no shink and no stink in trenchless pipe repair

Additional information

Weight 26.46 lbs