MiniCam SoloPro+ 60M (200′) Duo Push Pipe Camera System (#SYS-SPP-020)



MiniCam SoloPro+ 60M (200′) Duo Push Pipe Camera System (#SYS-SPP-020)

  • MiniCam SoloPro+ 60M (200′)
  • Duo Push Camera System
  • CCU210 Command Module
  • 200′ Fiberglass Reinforced Push Rod and Coiler
  • Straight Viewing Self-Leveling Camera (CAM025)
  • Pan & Tilt Camera (CAM026)
  • Accessory Case with 3″, 4″ & 6″ Centering Skids and Skid Removal Tool
  • Accessory Case with 6″ & 8″ Centering Skids and Skid Removal Tool
  • 33kHz / 512Hz / 640Hz Sonde Transmitter

SOLO PRO+ has all you need to inspect pipes, document your findings, and create detailed reports for on-site delivery. It captures detailed footage under tough conditions, and its interface offers robust tools – including observation entry and reporting options – and accepts USB and SD media for easy offload of data, video, images and reports. SOLO PRO+ is WiFi enabled to allow remote access to stored images and data.

Self Levelling Axial Camera

  • CAM025
  • Stainless steel housing features 4 high powered ultra-bright LED lights and a scratch resistant sapphire glass to protect the lens.

Dimensions 271 x 41 x 41m


Weight 620g

Camera Sensor 470 HTVL

Sensitivity <1.0 Lux

Aperture / Field of View F2.5 / 75º

Pressure Depth Rating 1 bar (14.50psi)

Pan-Rotate Camera

  • CAM026
  • Continuous 360° rotation and +/-135° pan. Dual clusters of 3 high powered ultra-bright LED lights.

Dimensions 120 x 73 x 73mm

Weight 861g


Camera Sensor 470 HTVL

Sensitivity <1.0 Lux

Pressure Depth Rating 1 bar (14.50psi)

Aperture / Field of View F2.5 / 75º

Robust Construction

The welded tubular steel construction and protective powder coating means the coiler stands up to the punishment of daily field use. The rod sheath is protected when paying-out and rewinding by an integrated rod roller, and a sturdy, water resistant camera connector houses the multi-frequency sonde, with selectable frequencies of 33kHz, 512Hz and 640Hz. A sealed slip ring in the coiler hub ensures reliable operation, while measurements from the integral distance counter appear on the CCU screen for recording into the video.

SOLOPRO+ Control Unit


Feature rich, the SOLOPro+ Control Unit has an integral joystick for camera control and an ergonomic soft-touch keypad. User friendly multi-function hot keys control an intuitive on-screen display, to enable quick and accurate navigation of the numerous features which all come as standard on the brain of the SOLOPro+ system.

  • WiFi Enabled
  • Sunlight Viewable Display
  • Lithium-Ion Battery
  • WinCan Embedded Software
  • ProPIPE+ Reporting
  • File Sharing

Generate Reports

MiniCam SoloPro+ Pipe Inspection Camera uses optional reporting module to create an inspection report, then transfer it to USB media for on-site delivery

Joystick Control

The left hand joystick controls crawler maneuverability. Movement of the Pan, Rotate camera is smooth and effortless using the right hand joystick control. Perform a 360º p endless rotation and pan the camera +/- 135º.

Offload Data

Copy video, images and data to USB or SDHC media for easy transfer to PC and seamless integration with WinCan reporting and querying capabilities.

Share Files

WiFi enabled to allow remote access to stored images and data. Users can instantly share PDF reports, images and footage via email, or upload WinCan Reports via the Cloud to WinCan Web for secure, immediate team-wide access online.

Write Screen Text

Type and store up to 16 pages of on-screen text. Customize text color, position and background color.

Configure Preferences

Easily and quickly configure the control unit to your specific requirements using the various menu options. Set language, date and time; establish file formats and naming conventions; adjust camera parameters; choose interface theme, enable power saving options and update firmware.

Tried and Trusted Design

The coiler frame is the carrier for the coiled rod, the camera and the CCU. Minicam have constantly refined the design, materials, components and construction, to make for our best ever frame. Customers all over the world have come to rely on the SOLOPro+ frame for it’s reliability and longevity, and of course our enviable after-care and service back-up.

Dimensions (LxHxW)

435 x 250 x 140mm


3.85kg (8.5lbs)


8” TFT LDC (800×600 pixels) Sunlight viewable

Internal Memory

32GB (expandable to 128GB)

Centering Skids

ASS-000-001A / 002A / 003A

Increase the effectiveness and lifespan of your pipeline inspection system. Optimize your view in lines 75mm and larger using the adaptor kit with three centering skids supplied with SOLOPro systems.