Ehle Electro Fogger Package (#S2004303-P)



Ehle Electro Fogger Package (#S2004303-P)

The Ehle Vapor Fogger 2F is a compact but powerful fog machine with integrated fan. This unit is especially suited for professional inspections of tubes, sewers and tanks to locate leaks and faulty connections. Helpful to detect caves and hollow areas in dams and dikes.

Safe for indoor and outdoor use. Oil free. No residue. Safe for pets!

Electro Fogger complete system with stepless variable fan and variable fog quantity protection category: IP64
Standard configuration:

  • 1-piece 7.5m (24″) flexible, spiral reinforced special-rubber hose DN 50 with C-coupling
  • Rugged Transport Case (red) (#2004302)
  • Remote Control (#2004307)
  • 25 liters (6.6 Gallons) original-fogging fluid Drain-Fog (consumption approx. 35 ml (1.18oz) per minute) (#2004311)
  • 1 Mint scent (#2004326)
  • Consumption approx. 35 ml (1.18oz) per minute
  • Voltage supply suitable for 120 V / 20 A (US power grid)

Weight: 38kg

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Weight 49.9347 lbs
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