How To Get Started: Costs & Equipment Needed For Trenchless Pipe Repair

Apex CIPP on jobsite with trenchless pipe repair Dancutter SuperFLex cost to start

In the plumbing industry, staying ahead often means embracing innovative solutions that not only benefit customers but also elevate a plumber’s service offerings. Trenchless pipe repair is a game-changer, offering a range of techniques such as cured-in-place pipe lining, spot repair, sectional repairs, robotic pipe cutting (reinstatements), and spray coating. For any plumber looking to […]

How Much Does It Cost To Start A Trenchless Pipe Repair Company?

Fastening a trenchless pipe liner. how much does it cost to start a trenchless pipe repair company

The cost to start a trenchless pipelining company can vary depending on many factors, such as the size of the business, location, and equipment needs. Here are some of the major expenses that may be incurred: Equipment: Trenchless pipelining requires specialized equipment such as lining materials, curing equipment, cameras, and cleaning machines. The cost of […]

Vertical Stacks – Don’t Miss This $3Billion Market!

Raising the Bar Advancements in CIPP materials and methods continue to push boundaries once thought impossible, especially for small diameter pipe applications. This progress, combined with an increased commitment from dedicated installers, has helped the industry reach new elevations both in structures and revenue streams. Nowhere is that growth more evident than in continuous inversion […]

Trenchless At Its Best #1001 CME PipeLining & Sewer Repair

CME Pipelining & Sewer Repair Headquarters: 101 Cavett Dr, Reading, OH 45215 Website:  Phone:  513-672-8302  Service Area: Greater Cincinnati, Ohio Owner: Charles Menkhaus Year Established: 1999 Specialty: Pipe Lining, 3″ – 84″ diameter On a sunlit Tuesday in a tight Cincinnati neighborhood, the sewer pipes of a vintage home were being repaired. But things weren’t […]

Trenchless At Its Best #1002 Allen’s Plumbing Hawaii & Repiper Junction/Fitting Liners

Trenchless At Its Best Series #1002 Contractor: Allen’s Plumbing Hawaii & Repiper Fitting Liner System Headquarters: Offices in Oahu and Maui, HI Website:  Phone:  808-517-5706 (Maui)  Service Area: Oahu, Maui, Honolulu Owner: Steve Allen Year Established: 1982 Specialty: Advanced Sewer Restoration Technology  Sewer pipes deteriorate everywhere, even on the idyllic Hawaiian islands. When problems occur in […]

Small-Diameter Pipe Repair Means BIG Business!

In the world of trenchless pipe rehabilitation, there are two main specialties: large-diameter pipes (over 14-inches) and small-diameter pipes (under 14-inches). While you might assume that the real money is in large-diameter jobs, don’t underestimate the incredible opportunities and benefits that accompany small-diameter pipe repair! Pipe Rehab Is In High Demand America’s aging infrastructure has […]