Trenchless At Its Best #1001 CME PipeLining & Sewer Repair

CME Pipelining & Sewer Repair
Headquarters: 101 Cavett Dr, Reading, OH 45215
Phone:  513-672-8302 
  • Service Area: Greater Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Owner: Charles Menkhaus
  • Year Established: 1999
  • Specialty: Pipe Lining, 3″ – 84″ diameter

On a sunlit Tuesday in a tight Cincinnati neighborhood, the sewer pipes of a vintage home were being repaired. But things weren’t entirely as expected. There was no chaos, no demolition, no dirt piled up. The property along with the homeowners, seemed nearly uninterrupted. So just how was this pipe renovation being conducted? Trenchless pipe lining was being installed.

This type of service has proven to be a perfect long-term solution for an array of properties, including vintage homes, according to Rachel Fyffe, the operations manager at CME. Rachel has eleven years in the trenchless industry, with three at CME.

The company repairs pipes ranging from three inches in diameter to a staggering eighty-four inches in diameter! “The biggest area of growth opportunity for us is the industrial and manufacturing space,” says Rachel, “We are rehabilitating more and more process pipes every year and we do not see that slowing down.”

What is it about CME that impresses this trenchless pro the most?

“We do the little things that make a big impact on the customer’s experience. We use floor protection, wall protection, and leave no trace when the job is done. Communication throughout the company plays a big part in CME’s success. We are transparent with our team and our customers.” 

The company’s commitment to transparency was appreciated on this particular job site where the team of Josh, Zac, and D’Ante were finishing up the 6” main sewer lining. They had the reports from the initial inspection and were well prepared to remove the tree roots that plagued the home’s sewer pipes and created openings for water infiltration, a problem which was costing the homeowner in extra utilities charges.

Once the roots were removed, a thorough cleaning was performed, then the structural liner was readied and installed via the inversion method. The communication within the team ensured that the job was completed on time and with total precision.

Having previously worked where digging and excavation were routine, Josh has an extreme awareness of how beneficial pipe lining can be. He’s a fan of CME’s low-impact and high-results process.

“This homeowner was told there was a belly in the line and it would need to be an open cut dig and replace. We were able to use our experience to line the pipe. We then used the cutter to robotically reinstate a branch line that tied onto the sewer.” 

That same CME experience and wisdom is translated into how the installation team executes the lining plans. The vehicles are stocked and organized; the equipment is top quality, familiar, and trusted to perform as well as the team members themselves. For this job, the entire lining process was completed in a single day.

High standards can be observed throughout the CME headquarters, too. The newly completed facility boasts custom offices, meeting and conference rooms, a vast warehouse, mechanical shop, and housing for their entire fleet of vehicles.

Although the homeowner may never have a need to visit CME, it’s apparent that she enjoyed watching Josh, Zac, and D’Ante transform her old failed pipes into modern, efficient lines. While most of the magic occurred below the ground, the day still proved exciting. She mentioned how surprised she was to learn about pipe lining and wondered why there isn’t more awareness of it. Overall, she’s thankful to have the option of trenchless pipe restoration.

CME has long been an advocate for education. In fact, they’ve been investing in public awareness since they took the plunge to make CIPP (cured-in-place pipe) their primary service back in 2010. They sponsor radio, print ads, and more in order to reach the greater Cincinnati region. 

“We want our customers to think of us as an honest company that takes the time to educate them instead of just getting them to purchase our services. We want them to think of the little things that we do to take some of the stress out of the experience of having a pipe failure.”

Under the vision and leadership of founder Charles Menkhaus, it’s clear that CME Pipelining is positively impacting their service area. They’re not only leading the way to enhanced trust and integrity within the industry but also providing better education for property owners. 


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