Trenchless At Its Best #1002 Allen’s Plumbing Hawaii & Repiper Junction/Fitting Liners

Trenchless At Its Best

Series #1002

Contractor: Allen’s Plumbing Hawaii & Repiper Fitting Liner System

Headquarters: Offices in Oahu and Maui, HI


Phone:  808-517-5706 (Maui) 

  • Service Area: Oahu, Maui, Honolulu
  • Owner: Steve Allen
  • Year Established: 1982
  • Specialty: Advanced Sewer Restoration Technology 

Sewer pipes deteriorate everywhere, even on the idyllic Hawaiian islands. When problems occur in Maui, Oahu, or Honolulu, Allen’s Plumbing – also known as The Drain Surgeons – are there to help.

One of the services that separates Allen’s Plumbing from many other companies is that they are dedicated to using the latest, most reliable trenchless technologies for complete drainage pipe rehabilitation. An example of their commitment to expert pipe lining rehab is their use of the Repiper junction/fitting lining system. 

With origins in Sweden, Repiper created it’s US division exclusively for North American contractors. For this interview, we met with Repiper US, Inc. technical manager, Jesper Stockfors, who worked alongside the Allen’s Plumbing team during a recent installation.  More of Stockfors’ swoon-worthy scenic images are included in the accompanying video. 

The job site was on the picturesque west coast of Maui. Mahina Surf, a three-building, two-story, oceanfront apartment complex presented with deteriorating vertical and underground cast iron sewer pipes. Allen’s Plumbing decided that they needed to install fitting/connection tee and wye liners into the buildings’ reinstatements. With sizes to be lined from four-inch and as small as two-inch, they knew the right choice was Repiper.

“To break walls, floors, ceilings and open slabs would have been a long and invasive process. And the work just to get to the sewers would be a nightmare,” reported Stockfors. “The ideal solution was trenchless CIPP rehabilitation.” 

Fortunately, the pros at Allen’s Plumbing had thoroughly researched and found that the Repiper Step by Step system was their answer. As the company strives to provide the finest result for each customer, they chose to have their technicians trained and onboard the Repiper system with Stockfors’ guidance.

“Like most impaired sewer systems,” Stockfors says, “the junction connections were where we found the most damage. So a regular CIPP liner installed with reinstated connections for taps, would not have been a total rehabilitation, since it would have still left deteriorating cast iron exposed at the branches and a full system seal wouldn’t be guaranteed.” 

The Repiper system incorporates a steam accelerator and allows for methodic piece-by-piece installation of structural CIPP liners throughout the sewer lines, including the fittings. Stockfors explains that it’s very much like piping a new sewer system. A plan is drawn to show the placement of each fitting liner. It’s color coded and labeled to keep everyone on the team well informed. 

Since fittings are never blocked, there’s no over-lining, no need for reinstatement cutting, and  the sewer can be used after the service teams leave in the evenings and over weekends, if needed. “The Repiper Step By Step system is the new way to rehabilitate sewers inside of facilities. Safe, methodic and stress free.”

Allen’s Plumbing might have anticipated the Repiper products would be tedious to implement, but Stockfors says it’s quite the opposite. He’s often on hand with contractors and sees the relief when technicians learn the basic sequence. In the case of Allen’s Plumbing, the skilled team immediately caught on and were highly competent and ready to tackle more jobs in no time. 

“The Repiper Step by Step system is the easiest way to rehabilitate sewer systems inside facilities, and with the highest quality no-seam finish.” Stockfors reassures, “For this project on Maui, it was the perfect solution. With ground-level apartments on slab floor/foundation and vertical stacks to the apartments above, it was almost impossible to use the traditional inversion and reinstating everywhere.” 

Safe, methodic and stress free, even when the Repiper trainer leaves the project – that’s what Stockfors promises. The specialty lining company produces superior products that enable a complete, sealed-system rehabilitation. They’re a big hit at industry trade shows, too. Repiper’s live demonstrations often attract large crowds with cell phones recording the impressively easy installation of inverted tee and wye liners. 

The results of the Mahina Surf complex speak for themselves. The building is intact, with little evidence that Allen’s Plumbing was ever there. The pipes have been restored with structural liners throughout and they now have decades of pleasant plumbing to look forward to. 

As for Stockfors, he appreciated the opportunity to work with Allen’s Plumbing and spend time enjoying the spectacular surroundings. But he acknowledges that not every job site will have such attractive views, especially when studying the drainage pipes.  

For customers, the peace of mind that comes with knowing your entire sewer system has been sealed and relined, makes choosing and recommending trenchless pipe repair easy. 

Allen’s Plumbing and The Pipe Surgeons have set remarkably high standards in service and are delivering valuable results to residents of Hawaii. As the trenchless CIPP industry continues to advance in materials, equipment, and installation methods, there is no doubt that they will continue to make positive strides in their region.


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