Dancutter. Why you should know about the world’s most versatile reinstatement cutter.

What makes a Dancutter different? Why is it the installers’ choice?

Travis Shirley remembers the cold. Nothing about his South Florida upbringing prepared him for the frigid temps of Viborg, Denmark in December of 2016 when he made his first trip to the Dancutter AS factory for repair training.

“I never imagined I’d ever leave the country,” says Shirley, “let alone be training to fix robots in Denmark in the winter.

With two subsequent training trips to Dancutter Headquarters for advanced training, Shirley – the Service Manager for Dancutter USA – truly believes that Dancutter makes the best small-diameter robotic reinstatement tools in the world.

“Nothing else has the ease of use for the user, the versatility, the 360-degree rotation,” said Shirley. “It is basically plug-and-play.”

Dancutters save time and effort

Evan Wegener began operating Dancutter products in 2013 as a 19-year-old just starting his CIPP career. His initial experiences were with the previous generation DC Flex, but he remembers the first time he operated a DC Super Flex as a game-changing moment.

“It was just all around a huge upgrade,” said Wegener. “The operation, the monitor, the reel. Everything is just fantastic.”

Wegener is now a lead installer specializing in vertical stacks and has been called upon to open as many as 40 branch service connections in a single shift. The ability to use DC Superflex in lined pipes as small as 3-inch, reinstating the branch fittings from inside the lined pipe, saves countless man-hours, in Wegener’s estimation.

“If I have 18 to 20 reinstatements to cut, I can be done in a couple of hours with a Dancutter,” said Wegener. “If I have to go in every unit and take off every trap and pull every toilet to cut from the branch, that’s going to be at least a 12-hour day. Minimum.”

Ready to dominate the US CIPP industry

Shirley estimates the number of DC Super Flexes in the US to be around 80 units and growing. He says he services between 3 and 4 Super Flexes a month for US contractors. The pro says as the industry grows, and more US-based installers learn about these superior products, they’ll choose Dancutter for their robotic reinstatement needs.

Shirley knows that another trip to Denmark to advance his training is on the horizon. He just has one request for his bosses: “Can the next trip be in June?”


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