Tubolino Inversion Drum 200 4″ With Table – ID200E



Tubolino Inversion Drum 200 4″ With Table – ID200E

Need A Demo Unit? Great for Tradeshows and Training!

ID200E is a useful tool to show potential customers how the relining process works. An ID200 inversion drum is mounted on a table with a transparent pipe. Liner without epoxy is loaded into the inversion drum and fastened to the nozzle like a regular shoot. The inversion drum is pressurized and lets the liner expand into the pipe. When the liner has reached the end the operator simply winds it back.

  • 4″ A-110 Camlock coupling for the nozzle
  • Camlock spanner is included

**First image with table shows accurate depiction of product. Photos of ID200 are for drum reference only. Stand/mount are different.**

ID200E Inversion Drum 200mm with Table 4″

  • Approx 10ft capacity 6″
  • Approx 15ft capacity 4″
  • Approx 20ft capacity 3″

Length: 19″

Width: 16″

Height: 22″

Weight: 33lbs.

Additional information

Weight 33 lbs