Repiper FlexMax Liner – 4.5mm For Trenchless Pipe Repair



Repiper FlexMax Liner – 4.5mm For Trenchless Pipe Repair – Choose Diameter

Sold in 100-meter (328′) rolls

Transitional 4.5 mm liner, can be used for non-transitional installs. It can be shot with or without a calibration tube.

Repiper FlexMax creates a beautiful saturated finish and is easy to install. However, stretch control is more difficult than with the Repiper S liner. But by using the Repiper Preliner, you can avoid overstretching into tie-ins in the non-transitional part of an install. Especially if you have a reinstatement robot, it can be tricky to reinstate if the liner is stretched too much into the tie-in.

Why choose Repiper Liner?

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Easily saturated

All our liners are easily saturated with epoxy resins.


High-quality material

Made from high-quality, durable felt with little to no risk of tearing.

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Innovative design

An innovative and flexible design accommodating straight pipes and bends.

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Repiper FlexMax Liner 2" 4.5mm #161854, Repiper FlexMax Liner 3" 4.5mm #351691, Repiper FlexMax Liner 3-4" 4.5mm #159588, Repiper FlexMax Liner 4-6" 4.5mm #157231, Repiper FlexMax Liner 6-8" 4.5mm #157233