Repipe Spray Lining System



Repipe Spray Lining System (#A50000)

For consultation on the Repipe Lining System, please call us at 855-997-0524.

The Repipe Lining System is a user friendly spray lining system. As a cost-effective and long-lasting alternative to pipe replacement, the Repipe Lining System allows for the rehabilitation of old cast iron, pvc, and clay waste and drainage pipes. This is accomplished by spraying a polyurea coating over the interior surface of a cleaned and prepped pipe. The material dries/cures quickly, resulting in minimal water service interruption.

Repipe Lining Systems for spray relining of shafts and pipes in the dimensions Ø 35 – 150 mm.


The entire system consists of a material and pump unit with a built in PLC control, a compact hydraulic pump station, a 45 m isolated main hose, a hose reel for the main hose, an electric, motor driven forwarder/retractor, a hot air fan, a mixing manifold and a control unit with a touch panel.

The system’s two pumps are driven by the compact hydraulic pump. The speed of the pumps and thereby the amount of material being pumped through the system is controlled by the PLC control unit and can be adjusted manually by the operator on the touch panel at any given time.

To ensure optimal reliability, the PLC monitors the mix ratio of the material, the temperature of the material and the material level in the tanks. The system is also equipped with a fully automatic self cleaning cycle increasing the reliability and the life expectancy of the system’s components.

A complimentary 2-3 day training course at our Florida headquarters is mandatory for operators of the Repipe spray lining system. Training is free for up to four team members.

We recommend using a compressor with integrated filter and dryer so only dry and clean air is used with the spray system and the fresh air equipment.

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Working Area (Pipe Diameter): 1.5″ – 6″ in. / 35 – 150 mm
Main Hose Length: A50000-0 – No Hose

A50000-5 – 5 m / 16.4 ft.

A50000 – 45 m / 147 ft.

Nature of Polymer: Polyurethane/Polyurea
# of Polymer Components: 2
Polymer Density: 1:3
Flash Point: A: 248° C, 478° F
B: 212° C, 414° F
Bonding: Steel with no primer: 9 Mpa
Service Temperature: In air: (-140° F -+ 284° F) (-40° C -+ 140° C)
In water: 80° C, 176° F
Shrinkage: 0%
Tensile Strength: 20 Mpa
Elasticity: 50%
Shore A: A 95
Pot Life: 20 min
Compression Strength: 110 Mpa
Permeability to Water: Impermeable

With the Repipe Spray Coating System, you establish a new lining inside an old pipe by spray coating it with our specially developed non-toxic material. After curing for just four hours, the new pipe will withstand daily use and drain cleaning materials. After four weeks, the pipes will withstand jet cleaning and mechanical cleaning.

The coating closes holes up to 8 mm diameter and cracks of up to 3 mm. The material also prevents new holes and cracks from forming. If the TV inspection reveals bigger holes or cracks, a certified plumber only needs to replace a small section of the pipe or insert a part liner. Joints connecting new and old pipelines are sealed with the Repipe Spray Coating.

Both the Repipe Spray Coating System and the materials for the system are 100% Made in Denmark.

RSM04 *With Hose

  • 5-45-meter heat insulated hose – it is not necessary to bring the system into the building.
  • Suitable when there is a long distance to the spray site.
  • The system can be installed in a van.
  • The mixer manifold and the control unit can be brought to the spray site


  • Fast, efficient and user friendly.
  • Safe and odor-free material.
  • Flexible and elastic material.
  • Smooth surface and airtight sealing of cracks, holes, and joints between new and old pipes.
  • Durable and sustainable – up to 50 years
  • Sturdy – after four weeks the material withstands jet cleaning and mechanical cleaning
  • Tested by the Danish Technological Institute
  • Camera documentation
  • 15 years guarantee on Repipe Spray Coating material

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Repipe Spray System w/o delivery hose (#A50000-0), Repipe Spray System w/ 5M delivery hose (#A50000-5), Repipe Spray System w/ 45M delivery hose (#A50000)