KrasoSluice 200 Inversion Drum (#4023)



KrasoSluice 200 Inversion Drum (#4023)

RSM KrasoSluice 200 Inversion Drum with 100,150,225 Nozzles
The KrasoSluice® TWO with our patented two chamber system for “endless“ inversion without pressure loss. This protects the liner from unwanted stretching, bruises, wrinkles and folds. Even large nodes, fittings or heating hoses are no problem for the KrasoSluice® family!

This unit is capable of inverting liners in diameters up to 225mm in continuous lengths. It is also made of lightweight aluminum for ease of use and is suitable for use with air (ambient), water, steam, and UV curing systems.

  • Patented TWO chamber system
  • Ideal replacement for a water tower
  • Aluminum
  • Inversion with low pressure
  • Flexible even on difficult to reach jobsites
  • Outlet storz, camlock, Easy Klick, etc.
  • Direct inversion without wind up