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The Viper™ Gas Rotary Screw Air Compressor features a larger fuel tank to provide six and half hours of runtime at 70% duty cycle gets you through multiple projects, without having to halt production to refuel. A smaller footprint saves valuable trailer or truck bed space for more tools. Low idle RPMs reduce noise, providing a quieter experience for you to work in. As if that wasn’t enough, sensors automatically unload the compressor during startup, and the auto start-stop turns on with air demand. The Viper™ Gas Rotary Screw Air Compressor’s heavy-duty 80 CFM and 100 PSI air pressure make this unit the ideal choice to operate: 90 Lb. jackhammers, 4” piercing tools, pavement breaking, monument engraving, irrigation services, post-pounding, directional boring, and more.

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