AIRBAGLINER® Calibration Tube Advances Trenchless Pipe Repair

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Seamless AIRBAGLINER® is reusable up to six times, making sewer pipe renovation efficient, sustainable and more profitable.

What is calibration tubing (cal tube)?

In trenchless pipe repair, cal tube is used to maintain a constant, steady air pressure inside the resin-saturated liner once it has been pulled or inverted into the damaged/aged pipe. Cal tube ensures uniform size and expansion of lining material and works as the passage for circulating hot water or steam to cure the liner. It can also be used with ambient (natural) curing.

This very important step in the structural pipe repair process allows the resin in the lining material to adhere uniformly to the old host pipe and prevents resin loss in the presence of water infiltration.

Once the liner is cured, it essentially becomes a new pipe directly inside of the old pipe. The cal tube (aka: calibration hose) is then deflated. Since it’s made of a slippery, flexible material, it can easily be removed. In the case of AIRBAGLINER® from Bodenbender, its remarkable strength and flexibility makes it reusable up to six times, a feature that makes for superior function as well as economic sense.

Due to the high steam temperature resistance of the AIRBAGLINER®, you can cure 50m (164 linear feet)of hose liner in under an hour.

What types of pipe repair benefit from AIRBAGLINER®?

AIRBAGLINER® is specifically designed for trenchless pipe repairs. The term trenchless refers to plumbing methods that avoid digging long, narrow ditches through the property. In these types of plumbing services, the old or damaged pipes are not removed but rather rehabilitated from the inside.

Trenchless plumbing methods can vary greatly. Spray-on and brush-on coatings do not use cal tubes due to the fact that there is no liner material inserted into the pipe. While pipe coatings can be highly effective for preventative maintenance and small cracks, structural pipe lining is recommended for moderate to major concerns. AIRBAGLINER® is ideal for structural pipe rehab.

Pipe lining has two general installation approaches, inversion and pull-in-place. Calibration tubing is encouraged with either of these approaches.

Zero risk of tearing
The robust material of the AIRBAGLINER® will not tear further, even when punctured by a shard.

Is AIRBAGLINER® the same as scrim liner or pre liner?

Calibration tubing such as robust AIRBAGLINER® is the same as scrim liner/pre liner in that it prevents longitudinal liner stretch and ensures accurate inversion length. However, scrim liner is usually a cal tube and liner in one. Pre liner works along with a resin-impregnated fabric liner to prevent the buckling or wrinkling of liners in pipes with larger damaged areas. It also prevents the washing away of resin in the case of water infiltration. While these products work terrifically well for some applications, AIRBAGLINER® is different. It is a resilient product that accompanies a separate liner and supports the proper installation and curing of the lining material.

One of the many assets of reusable calibration hose is that you can use it along with the liner material that best suits the project. This enables the contractor to select the right lining product for the specific job and provides a customized solution for outstanding pipe repair results. Furthermore, it sets the property owner up for long lasting dependability, and generally, decades of properly functioning pipes.

Why choose AIRBAGLINER® over other cal tubes?

Unlike any other cal tube, AIRBAGLINER’s double-layer OPW fabric promises to change the industry. This high tech, tenacious fabric withstands extreme forces and thermal loads, and is manufactured to the toughest quality standards.

  • Silicone-coated on one side
  • Created for extreme conditions
  • Woven in a single piece
  • Unparalleled strength and durability
  • Best quality

Bodenbender’s AIRBAGLINER® reusable calibration hose is packed with time-saving, installation-boosting, and cost-saving benefits. It not only aids in sliding capacity (critical to ease installation and removal and reduce technician time), it also works when dealing with multiple plumbing bends.

Since AIRBAGLINER® is compatible with ambient, steam, and hot water resin curing, it is applicable to most trenchless pipe lining projects whether using inversion or pull-in-place method. It is available for diameters as small as 2 inches and as large as 12 inches or more.

The reusability of AIRBAGLINER® makes it environmentally responsible and economically sound. Unlike single-use scrim liners, this cal tube saves installation time and helps prevent distortion which could lead to costly liner failure.

  • Very high flexibility and an extreme sliding capacity
  • Simplifies the inversion process even in pipes with small diameters and changes of direction
  • Unprecedented durability
  • Heat-resistant up to 300°F
  • Can be removed in less than 60 minutes
  • The retraction process is made much easier by the high sliding capacity
  • Pressure resistance of up to 2 bar
  • Particularly suitable for negotiating bends
  • Can be reused up to 6 times
    100M (328′) roll, White
  • For use in steam, hot water, ambient curing



AIRBAGLINER® is a simple and effective way to improve structural trenchless pipe repair. The ease of use and savings in technician time make it a desirable product for contractors. The strength and flexibility of this calibration hose means that it is advantageous for different size pipe diameters, various curing methods and both installation approaches. The product’s reusable feature aids in sustainability and increases profitability for contractors.

To learn more about Bodenbender’s AIRBAGLINER® and view the data sheet, please visit


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