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DC Maxi Flex 70M (#80770)


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    DANCUTTER's most powerful tool for cutting, milling and grinding in larger pipes from 6-12" (150-300 mm) in diameter. Works in nearly any type pipe including cast iron, clay, PVC, ABS, HDPE, steel, concrete, etc. Cutter can also go around 45's in 6" pipe and multiple 90's in 8" pipe and larger pipe.

    DC MAXI FLEX is a flexible, advanced cutter, developed and manufactured by DANCUTTER and focused on reliability, simplicity and saving time for our customers. The cutter can be operated by just one person who easily sets up the cutter in a few minutes, does the work, and quickly moves on to the next job.

    The DC MAXI FLEX has a built-in slip ring to the camera, which allows 360 degrees of continuous rotation of the milling motor.

    One-on-one training for the DC Maxi Flex 70M is included with each purchase. You will leave our dedicated facility confidently able to use to your Maxi Flex to the fullest.

    Purchase price of a DC Maxi Flex 70M includes two-day training at APEX CIPP Solution's West Palm Beach headquarters for up to four (4) people.