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Check Out Our WWETT Show Specials!
Check Out Our WWETT Show Specials!

DC Mini Bike Cutter (#40710)

Original price $8,332.80 - Original price $9,382.40
Original price
$8,332.80 - $9,382.40
Current price $8,332.80

DC Mini Bike Cutter

This is a MUST for small-dimension pipe lining reinstatements. Incredibly flexible cutter that can work in small pipe dimensions. Navigates through 45-degree bends in a 2-inch pipe. It can also navigate multiple successive 90-degree bends in 3-inch pipe.

Dancutter keeps it powerful and simple. Set up, maintenance, and operation are user-friendly. Be ready to power it up in no time.

Cutter works at 28,000 rpm Operating range of 9cfm @ 100 PSI Dimensions are: Ø34mm x 150mm long. Available in lengths from 1 – 9 meters (approx. 3-30 feet).

Dancutter MiniBike Product Brochure PDF Click Here