UVRelining UV360PCT Connection System For 4"x3" - 9"x6" Pipes



UVRelining UV360PCT Connection System For 4″x3″ – 9″x6″ Pipes

This is the UV system you’ve been waiting for! Now available in North America. 

  • No Mixing = Zero Waste Resin
  • 500% Faster than other systems
  • Easy setup, easy use, compact design
  • Make bigger profits in less time with UVRelining 

Onsite and virtual training and support available through APEXCIPP.com

UV360PCT Connection system For 4″ to 10″ Pipes

  • Control unit with touch screen
  • 164ft push rod
  • UV360PCT Connection tool with camera
  • Silicon Bladder
  • Toolbox for UV360PCT units 1kg
  • SUPERLA 240 20Kg