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SpeedyLight+ LED

Fast light curing technology for
laterals & mainlines

The SpeedyLight+ LED curing system is a game changer in the sewer renovation market. Its revolutionary LED technology allows contractors to optimize their operations by increasing working efficiency at the job site up to six times. It is designed to cure felt liners, invertible glass-fiber liners and fibre-glass pull-in liners.

Working diameters start at DN50 (2″) and the system is capable of effectively curing liners up to DN600 (24″). SpeedyLight+ LED features interchangeable curing heads for better maintenance and system cost optimization. Due to the low power consumption of the of LED technology, a SpeedyLight+ LED system can be powered from standard 220V mains or from any standard electrical source.

Fast laterals curing

A 7 m long DN150 lateral can be cured in 7 minutes. SEWERTRONIC’s SpeedyLight+ LED curing system enhances renovation productivity.

Mobile, portable

All-in-one design allows the curing system to deploy virtually anywhere. Control unit, power supply and cable reel are integrated in a single, portable package.

90º soft bend or 2×45º

SpeedyLight+ LED successfully negotiates 90º soft bend or 2×45º. Its semi-rigid hose ensures a convenient push of the head along the pipe.

In Horizontal. In Vertical.

SpeedyLight+ LED system is designed to be used in both horizontal and vertical pipes. Most laterals are horizontal, although building rehabilitation frequently involve vertical piping.

Green Technology

SpeedyLight+ LED protects our Environment by using less power and less energy to cure.

Integrated CCTV camera

Curing head with embedded camera delivering 150º field of view for a crisp image of the pipe.

SpectraLight family: a curing head for each application.

Sewertronics’ is based on a static monolithic design (patent granted) that overcomes the need to force air along the interior of the curing head to stabilize LED working temperature. SpectraLight family of curing heads follow this patented design where its housing, with optimized thermal conductive properties and cooling fins, exchanges heat with the air traveling outside the core. This air is also used to pressurize the liner during inversion and curing process.

The family comprises 4 different heads, from an extra-small one up to a triple head, extending the range of application of the SpeedyLight+ curing systems up to DN600 in UV fibre-glass liners.

SpectraLight design and cooling concept patented.

SpectraLight design

4 different heads for a wide range of diameters and type of liner.

4 Curing Heads
4 curing heads
From the XS to the triple-head for fast and large pipe diameter curing.
Head design that lets you cure pipes from DN70 to DN600.
4 Curing Heads


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Control Unit


Cable Reel Size

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Curing Heads

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Y- Connector & Transition

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Reducing Connectors

DN100 REDUCING CONNECTOR FOR 6'' Y 010-6000-12, DN150 REDUCING CONNECTOR FOR 6'' Y 010-6000-14, DN200 REDUCING CONNECTOR FOR 6'' Y 010-6000-15, DN250 REDUCING CONNECTOR FOR 6'' Y 010-6000-16, DN300 REDUCING CONNECTOR FOR 6'' Y 010-6000-17, DN75 REDUCING CONNECTOR FOR 6'' Y 010-6000-22


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