SpeedyLight VX LED



SpeedyLight VX LED

A curing system for verticals & in-house pipes with LED epoxy resin.

The SpeedyLight VX LED curing system is designed for in-house and vertical no-dig rehabilitation applications. Its revolutionary LED technology, bundled with Sewertronics LED epoxy resin, allows CIPP contractors to optimize their curing times by avoiding downtimes associated to ambient curing resins. Working diameters start at DN70 (3″) and the system is capable of curing liners up to DN150  (6″).

SpeedyLight VX LED features an 82′ hose on a very compact and portable frame. In combination with Sewertronics epoxy resin, SpeedyLight VX delivers quality repairs, including a hi-degree of host pipe bonding and adhesiveness.

  • Extra-small head for fast curing of smaller diameters!
  • Verticals & House-Connections From DN50 (2″) to DN150 (6″)
  • For Inversion Liners Up to 82 Feet

Fast LED light curing

The technology embedded in the SpeedyLight VX systems allows contractors to cure liner impregnated with LED epoxy or LED vinyl ester resins, reducing the average time at the job site and increasing the average number of jobs per day. SpeedyLight VX LED can cure a 7-story vertical (ca. 65.6′) DN100 (4″) pipe in less than 15 min.

The SEWERTRONIC’s SpeedyLight VX LED system drastically reduces curing times in vertical and house connections rehabilitation.

A high-powered LED array irradiates the impregnated liner, initiating an exothermic reaction thet cures the entire thickness of the carrier resin. The wavelength (400nm) of the LEDs ensures energy is efficiently used to cure the liner. The LED components integrated in the SpeedyLight VX LED system are lead-free and comply with RoHS legislation.

90º bends

SpeedyLight VX features a curing head suitable for diameters from 50 mm (2″) to 150 mm (6″), and is capable of managing 90º bends starting at DN100 (4″) pipes. If the 90-degree bend is a soft one, or it is a 2×45º, then the unit would successfully negotiate a DN50 (2″) pipe. It’s semi-rigid hose ensures a convenient push of the head along the pipe.

SpectraLight curing head

Sewertronics’ SpectraLight curing head is based on a static monolithic design (patent granted) that overcomes the need to force air along the interior of the curing head to stabilize LED working temperature.

The SpectraLight family of curing heads follow this patented design where its housing, with optimized thermal conductive properties and cooling fins, exchanges heat with the air traveling outside the core. This air is also used to pressurize the liner during inversion and curing process.

This head is 40 mm (1.6″) in diameter to negotiate DN100 (4″) bends. Working diameter: DN50 – DN150 mm. 90º bends starting at DN100 mm. DN20 bending section. Minimum bend radius 200 mm. Curing head dimensions: OD 40 mm, length 74 mm. Full body in aluminum alloy construction. LED external UV-transparent cylindrical protection. IP rating IP20. CCD camera specifications: video PAL 1820×960, field of view (FOV) 150as well as front LED optical illumination.

Integrated CCTV camera

The curing head’s CCD camera combines a large aperture lens, 150-degree field of view and a 3000 mW LED ring to deliver a bright, sharp image. The main purposes of the camera is to support the curing process and is not designed to replace the CCTV inspection system.

Verticals & house connections

SpeedyLight VX LED system is designed to be used in both horizontal and vertical pipes. Most laterals are horizontal, although building rehabilitation frequently involve vertical piping.

Designed for buildings

All-in-one design allows the curing system to deploy virtually anywhere. Control unit, power supply and cable reel are integrated in a single, portable package.

Green Technology

SpeedyLight VX LED protects our Environment by using less power and less energy to cure.

All in-one

The SpeedyLight VX system has been specifically designed to be light and compact. Its design delivers a smart package than can be easily transported along doors and elevators. The total weight of the unit (including power supply) is less than 60 kg, and has built-in wheels. Due to the optimized power of the patented Sewertronics’ LED technology, a SpeedyLight VX LED system can be powered from standard 220V mains or from any wall socket.

SpeedyLight VX System Specifications

Dimensions (LxWxH) 765 x 416x 942 cm
Total Weight 60 kg (incl. Control unit (16kg))
Material Chassis based on stainless steel, aluminium, ABS
Support Structure with 4 wheels
PLC Siemens
Main Monitor 7” installed within the C.U
WI-FI connectivity 2,4 GHz
Mode AP
Internet Access Socket RJ45 WAN, Mobile tethering via USB
Auto-stop function Yes
Emergency Stop Yes, Emergency Stop Button installed within the Control Unit
Power Additional RCD switch
Voltage 110 – 230V 50/60 Hz
Mains requirement E-type or Std. Schuko wall socket
Conection 5 m power cord with V-lock system
Power 1400W
Mains requirement Std. Schuko wall socket
Motorized Cable Reel No
Umbilical Cable 25m (Standard)

Additional information

Control Unit


Cable Reel Size


Curing Heads

Y- Connector & Transition

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Reducing Connectors

DN100 REDUCING CONNECTOR FOR 6'' Y 010-6000-12, DN150 REDUCING CONNECTOR FOR 6'' Y 010-6000-14, DN75 REDUCING CONNECTOR FOR 6'' Y 010-6000-22, Reducing connector for 4'' Y-connector. Dedicated for DN150 liner (actual OD – 126mm). 010-6300-39, Reducing connector for 4'' Y-connector. Dedicated for DN50 liner (actual OD – 51mm). 010-6300-37, Reducing connector for 4'' Y-connector. Dedicated for DN75 liner (actual OD – 65mm). 010-6300-38

Cooler / Dryer