Renssi TS Cable 8mm cable TS 1000 Series



Renssi TS Ready-to-Use Cable 8mm cable TS 1000 Series

TS-cables include a cover, a cable, a ball bearing and a steel sleeve. We use Cross Layer Cable in TS Cables. You can choose, if you’ll want the ends crimped or not. Without defining code, we prepare TS Cable without crimped ends.

TS-cable includes a cable without crimped end steel sleeve or adapter, and with nylon cover.

Choose from the following options:

  • 1m (TS-1001)
  • 2m (TS-1002)
  • 3m (TS-1003)
  • 5m (TS-1005)
  • 6m (TS-1006)
  • 8m (TS-1008)
  • 10m (TS-1010)
  • 15m (TS-1015)
  • 20m (TS-1020)
  • 23m (TS-1023)
  • 30m (TS-1030)
  • 35m (TS-1035)
  • 40m (TS-1040)