Renssi Drain Cleaning Machine R-MILL-36



Renssi Drain Cleaning Machine R-MILL-36

  • Weight: 94 kg
  • Dimensions: W 57 cm x L 90 cm x H 120 cm Cable size: 12 mm
  • Cable length: 36 meters
  • Max. RPM: 2800 rpm/min
  • Output: 1500 W
  • Available operating voltages: 115V/230V Material: Aluminum
  • Operation: Foot pedal

Cable Size 12mm

120 feet of 1/2-inch shaft, with a narrow structure that is easy to move around. It is lightweight at approximately 200
pounds, and includes a detachable power cord and pedal cord, integrated control unit with an
easy access while operating, handles in front and back for easy lifting, and rubber feet on the side
if it is laid down during transport. It is recommended for use on pipe sizes from 3 to 8 inches.