COLD Epoxy Resin Hardener Part B 40lb Bucket (#PL23103)



COLD/SLOW Epoxy Resin Hardener Part B 40lb Bucket (#PL23103)

COLD – Can be tinted blue or another color for an additional $25/per bucket

Hardener Cold Mix for Hot Water, Steam, or Ambient Cure – 40lb Bucket

Pro Tip: Buy in bulk to save $$$ on shipping costs!

Sure, you could pay twice the price for another brand, but why? Carefully formulated and field tested in every climate and setting. Perfect for both lateral and vertical trenchless CIPP pipe lining applications. Made to the highest standards and trusted to give consistently reliable results. Try it and see why we love this product!

  • Hybrid VE resin with high-rigid polymer backbone
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Excellent catalyzed stability
  • No styrene
  • Resistance to sag and draining around vertical surface and reinforcement.

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