BRAWO® SYSTEMS BRAWO® RR Rapid Resin 10kg (22.05lbs) (#47000816)



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BRAWO® SYSTEMS BRAWO® RR Rapid Resin 10kg (22.05lbs)

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BRAWO®RR is the extra quick-hardening 2K epoxy resin from BRAWOLINER®. Hot curing time of just 75 minutes. It allows an economic renovation with hot profiles, connections, and short liners. Of course BRAWO RR® is also suited for ambient curing beginning from 41°F.

Like the proven BRAWO resins, BRAWO RR® can be used on sewage pipes in humid, dry or metallic subsoil. The high chemical resistance and excellent product features allow a permanently good rehabilitation result. Ideally for use with BRAWOLINER® products.

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