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Don't Miss! Blowout Sale Items!
Don't Miss! Blowout Sale Items!

Training & Certification

    Vertical stack streamlined-install method training

    Small-diameter lining and reinstatement training

    Factory Certified Dancutter equipment training

    Factory Certified Brawoliner training facility (reserve your spot now!) 

    Call for availability in all classes (855)997-0524

    • Classroom-based and in-the-field sessions with individualized attention
    • Workshops and demonstrations at LIVE job sites
    • Hands-on equipment training and materials information
    • Solutions for all phases of CIPP lining 
    All training is customized and designed you help you succeed in CIPP. We're happy to accommodate individuals or entire teams in our West Palm Beach location. Join us to find out how APEX can take your business to the next level! Please call, email, or message us for details.

    "In an industry where customer service is king, the APEX team has your back every step of the way!"

    Mario Guerra, Guerra Plumbing and Sewer

    Los Angeles, CA


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    Training on CIPP Lining Vertical Stacks Inversion Single-Step Method